Lost Keystore password

A few years back I uploaded my first mobile game to the app stores. Now that I have completed my master's degree and have worked on several other projects, I wanted to revisit it and give it a few updates.

One of the first things I noticed was how messy my code was compared to how I write now. I did not follow any naming conventions, not nearly enough comments. 

However, the problem I ran into was that I could not recall or find where I stored the publishing keystore password. This is an issue because, if I wanted to easily update the existing app on the Google play store I had to use the same keystore. There is a process of contacting support and being about to use a new keystore, or use a new build identifier and create a new store listing. Luckily I was able to find a tool to help recover the password I needed. keystore-password-recover/howto.html

I created a word list file of possible passwords I may have used and it was able to find the password I needed very fast. 

Also goes to show how effective password cracking can be.