Game Title: Osmos
Genre: Action, Survival, Physics Simulation
Target: Everyone
Monetization: Paid, $2.99

Osmos is a game that takes a core gameplay element and builds everything else around that. The player can absorb smaller elements, but can also be absorbed by elements that are bigger than the player. Combined with some 2D physics and the interactive aspect where you tap you eject a portion of yourself, slightly shrinking you and propelling you in the opposite direction. I think this is a very successful game design because the gameplay was not overly complicated and the progressing level designs showcase a range of challenges for the player.

The art style and soundtrack work well together and help to create an atmosphere that feels grander than would be otherwise. In later levels, additional level designs are introduced like gravity sources and a simple AI that allows for some specs to hunt or avoid you. However, there is room for additional level design ideas. Each level has an obvious map boundary, in some cases the player can bounce off it and in other levels touching it results in killing the player. A twist to this could be warping, where exiting one side puts the player on the opposite side. Or the introduction of an endless mode, where there are no map boundaries and there is an endless supply of spawning elements to interact with.

The game appears to be no longer supported with no update since 2013. The campaign does feel a little short with the arcade mode not adding much beyond replaying those levels. I was also not able to find any players through the game center to test online play. With those things in mind, I do not feel the current price is adequate and should perhaps be dropped every six months till it reaches $0.99. While I enjoyed playing this game, I do not think it would have a lasting replay value for me nor would I recommend it at its current price.

Hemisphere Games Inc. (2013). Osmos [iOS].