Magic 2014


Game Title: Magic 2014
Genre: Card game
Target: 9+
Monetization: Free with in app purchase

Magic 2014 is a digital simulation of Wizards of the Coast’s popular card battle game, Magic the Gathering. The tutorial did a great job of explaining the game play so that while I have previous experience with the physical game, I did not think it was necessary in playing this digital version. The tutorial had both in game text and audio that explained the gameplay and mechanics. There were also animated cut scenes that fit with and enhanced the underlying story and theme to the game.

The gameplay flowed well breaking down the different phases and rounds of the game. There are also nice effects when cards are highlighted or interacted within different ways. This was helpful in easily seeing what cards are playable. However, some of the minor bugs I encountered revolved around this. The most annoying being that after each step of the game and despite deselecting any cards in my hand, one would become highlighted and enlarged. There was another time when a cards ability was not clear to me when I could play it, and I was unable to use it.

This app does not appear to be supported anymore, and Wizards of the Coast has released a Magic 2015 and a Magic Duels app. While I enjoyed this version, there were a few minor bugs, so I would be interested trying one of these newer versions for future replay. There monetization strategy was the correct choice, with allowing the basic parts of the game being free so that people can learn and try the game before making any purchases. This or their others app I would recommend to those wanting to play or learn Magic the Gathering on the mobile device.

Wizards of the Coast. (2013). Magic 2014 [iOS].