Camel Up


Game Title: Camel Up
Genre: Board game
Target: Everyone
Monetization: Paid, $4.99

Camel Up is a digital simulation of the board game of the same name. It is essentially a race betting game with camel pieces that can stack on top of each other. I am familiar with the table top version of this game, so picking the digital version up and playing was not too difficult. However, if someone does not have previous experience, I do not think the help menu and limited tutorial is enough to get a player ready to play in a quick enough fashion. When trying to go through the tutorial again it does not replay, making it effectively a one-time use.

While it does play as an accurate digital version of the game, it feels little was done with the visual presentation of the game. The camels are not animated when they move from space to space, other animations and visual effects could enhance the appeal. Nor could you access the instructions from within the game, only from the main screen, and when you exit the game to access the menu your game is not saved. There are three different levels of AI that does help make the game a bit more challenging.

For the price, there are a couple things lacking from this game, an online multiplayer mode and a quality tutorial. While it does function as a decent simulation of the game with different AIs to play against, it does not feel as polished as it should. It also has not been updated in over a year, suggesting this app is no longer supported. I think the price should be dropped to $1.99, reflecting those short comings.

Outline Development. (2015). Camel Up [iOS].