Devil’s attorney


Game Title: Devil’s Attorney
Genre: Casual, Battle system
Target: Teens+
Monetization: Paid, $2.99

            Theme and comedic story is what makes this an interesting game. Along with the polished aspects to the game from the intro video to the spoken dialog before each case. This really feels like a game that is packed in value for the price. The art style also suits it well, making it a fun game to return to.

            The core of the game centers around cases that typically don’t take long to play. Each round the player gets to spend their action points on various attacks against the opposing lawyer, witnesses and evidence. Then, the opposing side does their attacks. It is a system that feels familiar from other genres yet still fits this theme. As the player wins cases they earn money for upgrades, represented by furnishings for their home and clothing. This allows for the character to unlock abilities and stay competitive while cases get harder.

            While the combination of mechanics does not feel unique, it is the theme and overall quality of the game that makes this feel like a unique title. The only thing that might make this a little bit better is to speed up the progression of the character. It did not feel like I was earning enough of a reward for each case to unlock abilities in a timely manner. Also, while there is a loose narrative it is not clear to me if there is an end goal, or if play can continue forever. I feel like my goal is to become the best lawyer, but there is no metric to allow me to know how far along that journey I am.

1337 Game Design AB. (2015). Devil’s Attorney [iOS].