Tiny Wings


Game Title: Tiny Wings
Genre: Casual, Endless Runner
Target: Everyone
Monetization: Paid, $0.99

Tiny Wings is a simple game where each level is made up of a hilly terrain, and the player interacts with the game by pressing the screen. This allows the character to dive, speeding them up when moving downward, but slowing them down when moving upward. There are two different modes, one where you are essentially racing against a clock and the other you race against three birds. I have seen similar games along these lines like Time Surfer. For what it is the price feels acceptable, and for people that enjoy this type of game, I am sure there is a lot of replay value for them.

            The art is fun, and the birds contrast from the rest of the level making it easy to know where your bird is. It also offers a fair amount of challenge with objectives and unlockable levels. While I like the one finger gameplay mechanic, I do not feel there were enough options to keep me invested or interested in a long-term replay. In the objective game mode, if I get stuck on an objective I have no way around it. I do not have the option to swap or bypass the objective with currency. This can get frustrating to a player if there is only one way to progress. There also appears to be a lack of unlockable abilities. Meaning that while the levels may get difficult, it feels like my character does not progress at all from the beginning of the game.

Andreas Illiger. (2016). Tiny Wings [iOS].